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The Intellectual Dishonesty of Some Critics of Open Theism

In this post, Macinnis documents her experience with the intellectual dishonesty of a particular critic of Open Theism. In her post, she documents how the a speaker blatantly disregards the text and a valid response due to his vitriol against Open Theism.

95 Open Theism Verses

In the spirit of Martin Luther’s 95 thesis, ApologeticJedi posts 95 verses that affirm Open Theism.

Fisher Refutes White’s Opening Statement Against Open Theism

Fisher dissects the opening arguments that James White uses in his debate against Bob Enyart. The response focuses on the Isaiah proof texts commonly used by Calvinists, explaining them in context and showing that they lead to an opposite conclusion.

Apologetics Thursday – Hellenistic of Hebrew


A Re-examination of Open Theism


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