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Theology Online A forum on which to discuss Open Theism and other theology

Open Essays and Papers and Free books

Did God Know by Howard R Elseth
Does God Know the Future? by Michael Saia
The Hellenization Of Christianity A paper by Christopher Fisher discussing the platonistic influences on Augustine and proffering a basic defense of the Openness of God.
The Foreknowledge of God,AND Cognate Themes IN Theology and Philosophy By L. D. McCabe
Divine Nescience of Future Contingencies a Necessity Being By L. D. McCabe, D.D., LL.D.

Open Sermons and Audio
Predestination And Free Will Intro Bob Enyart’s intro to his seminar on predestination and free will.
Sermons By Gregory Boyd Woodland Hill church sermon archives

Critical Sermons and Audio
The Openness of God Controversy – Sermons against Open Theism from a host of speakers.
Sermon Audio Various sermons against Open Theism.


  1. Consider a list here of scholarly (commentary) resources. Since there doesn’t seem to exist a set of commentaries in an open view veign, resources might be pulled from several directions. I have some ideas and would definitely appreciate more suggestions.

  2. Great list Chris, though a minor correction for the URL for “Biblical Open Theism” it needs to be: needs that extension. :)

  3. Hi Christopher,
    I’m reading your THE HELLENIZATION OF CHRISTIANITY and like it very much.
    I have something similar and would be happy to share it with you.
    But I don’t have it on a web-page to be linked to.
    If you are interested, perhaps there is a way for me to email it to you?

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