Open Theism

1 God is Open EOTBA 1 Did God Know 1 The Openness of God 1 Does God Know the Future 1 Theology of the Old Testament 1 God of the Possible 1 The Nature and Character of God 1 The God Who Risks 1 Divine Nescience 1 Why Pray 1 The Suffering of God  1 How Can God Answer Prayer 1 The Uncontrolling Love of God 1 God in an Open Universe 1 Providence Evil and the Openness of God 1 the foreknowledge of god 1 Old Testament Theology Israels Faith 1-the-case-for-freewill-theism 1-god-time-and-knowledge

Open Theists in Debate

2 Does God have a Future 2 Four Views on God 2 Four Views on Foreknowledge 2 Four Views on Divine Providence 2 Predestination and Free Will

Against Open Theism

3 What Does God Know and When Does He Know It 3 Gods Lesser Glory 3 Beyond the Bounds 3 Creating God in the Image of Man 3 No Other God 3 Their God is too Small 3 Bound Only Once 3 No Place for Sovereignty 3 Critics of Christianity 3 Critics of Christianity

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Other Books

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