AW Pink on God Controlling Everything

Is it not clear that God foreknows what will be because He has decreed what shall be? God’s foreknowledge is not the cause of events,
rather are events the effects of His eternal purpose. when God has decreed a thing shall be He knows it will! be. In the nature of things
there cannot be anything known as what shall be unless it is certain to be, and there is nothing certain to be unless God has ordained
it shall be.

-AW Pink, The Sovereignty of God


  1. That first sentence requires a special type of mind, wow talking about getting educated out of your common sense. To use cause and effect in the same sentence and then claim they are not connected takes either willful blindness or such a commitment to an ideology as to throw reason to the winds. It was when a friend told what Pink said about this as he described it as a an archway as we would enter heaven the first side saying ‘Whosoever will’ and then as you walk thru you see the other side says something like, ‘called, elect, and chosen,’ Having spent time with Krishnas (Hindu sect) I recognized a claim that God was a god of deception. This caused me to take a deeper look at Finney. And I was never again in doubt that Calvinism was a lie.

  2. What is Double-Speak William Lutz, American linguist
    “Doublespeak is not a matter of subjects and verbs agreeing; it is a matter of words and facts agreeing. Basic to doublespeak is incongruity, the incongruity between what is said or left unsaid, and what really is. It is the incongruity between the word and the referent, between seem and be, between the essential function of language—communication — and what doublespeak does — mislead, distort, inflate, circumvent, obfuscate.

    Double-speak works by taking advantage of the inherent implicitness of meaning conveyed through everyday language. It takes advantage of the fact that normal everyday language use is fundamentally cooperative. Doublespeak exploits these principles to do just the opposite: to appear like honest communication while actually hiding incriminating facts. “

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