Spurgeon on God controlling everything

“I believe that every particle of dust that dances in the sunbeam does not move an atom more or less than God wishes – that every particle of spray that dashes against the steamboat has its orbit, as well as the sun in the heavens – that the chaff from the hand of the winnower is steered as the stars in their courses. The creeping of an aphid over the rosebud is as much fixed as the march of the devastating pestilence – the fall of . . . leaves from a poplar is as fully ordained as the tumbling of an avalanche.”

― Charles Spurgeon


  1. You can see how such thoughts seem to magnify God to those who do not reflect on what all that means as far as evil and natural calamities.

  2. And Charlie Spurgeon (despite having some great things to say in his life and some great sermons that glorified Christ) didn’t have a grasp on the truth of human freedom and the risk-taking God that created them truly free. What a tragedy of error in a brilliant mind of history.

  3. Over the years I have learned – what the Calvinist won’t say – is 100 times more important than what he does say.

    Notice how Spurgeon says nothing about Calvin’s god determining the thoughts in a man’s mind as he follows an eight year old girl walking towards the woods.

    And nothing about the false perceptions of election Calvin’s god plants into the minds of those Calvinists who represent “tares” whom he has designed as vessels of wrath.

    I’m sure he was capable of tying up those Calvinist realities in a bow of romantic language. :-]

  4. Saint Spurgeon is incredibly overrated as a preacher. His Calvinist thinking is a tangle of conflicting notions and assertions. Avoid.

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