My Interaction with William Lane Craig

By Christopher Fisher

I met William Lane Craig in passing. He was attending the same lecture as I. I introduced myself and decided to gain definitive statements on some of his positions:

Me to WLC: so, you hold that God is not simple.
WLC: That is correct.
Me: in the same token, God is not immutable.
WLC: Yes, God is changeless sans creation, but not immutable. Once God creates He changes, such as knowing what time it is.
Me: In your view, God is not timeless.
WLC: I have a weird view. He is timeless before creation, but once He creates God is in time.

William Lane Craig denies Simplicity, Immutability, and eternal timelessness.


  1. It is interesting his model of God follows the Platonist model in unseen and unrevealed past times but when the Bible starts speaking he abandons his model for a concept of God contrary to the Platonist model.

  2. I don’t remember much from his book on Time that I read but it sure confirmed my intuition that time is not an entity and must be infinite and NOT created.

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