Calvin on Gen 18:17

17. Shall I hide from Abraham? Seeing that God here takes counsel, as   if concerning a doubtful matter, he does it for the sake of men; for he   had already determined what he would do. But he designed, in this   manner, to render Abraham more intent upon the consideration of the   causes of Sodom’s destruction. He adduces two reasons why He wished to   manifest his design to Abraham, before he carried it into execution.   The former is, that he had already granted him a singularly honorable   privilege; the second, that it would be useful and fruitful in the   instruction of posterity. Therefore, in this expression, the scope and   use of revelation is briefly noted.

Calvin, John. Calvin’s Complete Bible Commentaries (With Active Table of Contents in Biblical Order) (Kindle Locations 10495-10500). . Kindle Edition.

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