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  1. Excellent!!! And I loved the drawings.

    Ever consider doing a Socrates chats with a Calvinist series?

    BTW: Calvinism has its own issues with inability to trust God. Where God according to Calvin deceives a person into believing they are elect, saved etc, while God is actually -quote “holding salvation out as a sabor of greater condemnation” for a temporary time to -quote “strike them with greater blindness”. On this model, God deceives a person to believe Jesus is their savior, for the express purpose of magnifying their eternal torment in the lake of fire.

    The way each unique Calvinist retains emotional stability, in the face of that conception, is to simply convince himself, its possibly the case for his brother or sister but not for him. That may function as a corrupt form of consolation. But it surely doesn’t fit the model of Christ-likeness depicted in scripture.

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