James White’s Bizarre Response to Triablogue

James White, again misrepresents and misreads a critic. From Triablogue :

“You gotta love Steve Hays over at Triablogue. Only he can do long-distance mind-reading. He can take an announcement about an upcoming program that really contains NOTHING about what I’m going to actually say, and write an entire article refuting me…before I even say anything! Says VOLUMES about his prejudice, to be sure.” [James White https://www.facebook.com/prosapologian/posts/1196633833694800?pnref=story ]

i) His reaction is so bizarre. I quoted him verbatim, then commented on what he said. He responds by claiming I did “long-distance mind-reading” by refuting him “before [he] ever said anything”.

I replied to the content of public statements he made. That’s a matter of public record. His response is utterly at variance with reality. I was explicitly responding, not to the DL before it aired, but to something he posted in the public domain.

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