Augustine on Omnipresence

God is not in a place, for that which is in a place is contained in that
place. That which is contained in a place is a body, but God is not a body.
Therefore he is not in a place. And yet, since he is and he is not in a place,
all things are in him rather than he himself being in some place, although
they are not in him as if he himself were a place. For a place is in space
because it is defined by the length, breadth and width characteristic of a
body. God is not like this. Everything, therefore, is in him, and he is not a

Yet in a loose sense God’ s temple is called God’ s place—not because he is
contained in it but because he is present to it. This, however, is understood to
be nothing better than the pure soul.

Augustine, Responses to Miscellaneous Questions, XX. On God’s Place

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