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  1. Good quote!
    This reminds me of Calvinism’s system of DOUBLE-THINK.

    Per John Calvin’s instructions:
    A) Believe 100% of whatsoever comes to pass – was determined at the foundation of the world.
    B) Go about your office *AS-IF* nothing is determined in any part

    This quality of DOUBLE-MINDEDNESS is what James White describes as a: “Fully-Orbed Theology”.

    Here White is following the typical model of camouflaging Calvinist Psychology (i.e. DOUBLE-THINK) behind a mask – labeled as Calvinist “Theology”

    So when the Calvinist asks: “do you understand Calvinist Theology?”
    What he really means is: Do you understand the Calvinist’s psychology to his core doctrines.
    He tries to hide his psychological responses to his own doctrines.
    He tries to hide them behind a mask – by calling them his “Theology”

    What White calls “Fully-Orbed” is really nothing more than affirming the doctrines core propositions one minute – and then subtly denying them the next.

    The trick is to do that without getting caught! :-]

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