1. I watched this and it was very enlightening!
    Kevin did us all a favor – putting up with the robot talking-points – for as long as he did :-]

      1. Even though this Calvinist is more logically consistent than the rest – you can tell by my his language – he’s still clinging to two opposing worlds.

        One in which whatsoever comes to pass is predetermined by an external mind, including thousands of predestined daily false perceptions – and thus no ability to discern a true perception from a false one.

        And yet who can live that way!
        So they are forced to think and speak as Calvin instructs:
        -quote: Go about your office *AS-IF* nothing is determined in any part.

        Where “Mere” permission is asserted a non existent
        And at the same time go about his office *AS-IF* it does.

        A mental state of double-think becomes one’s normalcy.
        And I think that’s why they can take any verse and twist it – to make it say what they need it to say.

        Take for example: “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

        How is it possible for the heart of man to plan his way – when his way was already planned *FOR* him by an external mind – before he was created?

        The only way the Calvinist can embrace a verse like that is with double-think.

        1001 ad-hoc inventions to make scripture fit into their paradigm! :-]

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