Dr. Catherine Beals on God’s Unspecific Plans for Life

Dr. Catherine Beals from When God’s Plan Falls Apart

Through reading The Uncontrolling Love of God and hearing Dr. Oord speak, I have come to understand that “God’s plan” for my life is a much larger concept than I previously understood. I now believe that “God’s Plan” is simply to live a life of love. It isn’t a specific script or planned path for my life. I can follow “God’s Plan” in a variety of ways. It is not bound by denominational, cultural, organizational or geographical boundaries.. Oord says, “God relentlessly expresses love in the quest to promote overall well-being.” (p. 161) I realized that God loved me as His unique creation. The Spirit’s plan for me was not to stay in an environment that was not healthy for me. God’s Plan for me was to follow love. Oord says, “God providentially calls all creation toward love and beauty.” (p. 94)

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