1. Its hard to know if there really is a true Calvinist in this dialog.

    The only thing I know about Bob Enyart, is that he is a radio talk host and pastor of Denver Bible church.

    And John Calvin would never attribute divine love as the reason for a fixed future. For Calvin the secret will is the exclusive cause of all things which come to pass. Anything less is an insult to divine sovereignty.

    So if the caller is a Calvinist trying to portray a benevolent picture of Calvinism – then he is simply functioning as a marketing agent presenting a false advertisement for his product.

  2. Thanks Christopher!
    I can understand why Calvinists spend so much time trying to hide the aspect of divine evil in their doctrine. They don’t really have “doctrines of grace”. What they really have is “doctrines of good-evil”. As R.C. Sproul states: “Evil is good” And for Jon Edwards is not ashamed to assert that divine glory cannot shine forth without divine evil.

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