1. Typical of his verbal sleight-of-hand. No to mention why doesn’t he just use the Bible if he wants to prove God unchangeable? Then, finally he proves nothing at all with his summation because he says “Not three existences, not three beings, but rather three subsistences within that One eternal being.” But that is circular because… subsistence means to have existence.


    subsistence noun

    Definition of subsistence
    1a(1): real being : EXISTENCE
    (2): the condition of remaining in existence : CONTINUATION, PERSISTENCE
    b: an essential characteristic quality of something that exists
    c: the character possessed by whatever is logically conceivable
    2: means of subsisting: such as
    a: the minimum (as of food and shelter) necessary to support life
    b: a source or means of obtaining the necessities of life

    By the way is there a R.C. Sproul elder who died and a R.C. Sproul junior still alive and writing?

  2. Has anyone noticed a particular model in Calvinist thinking.
    1) Start with a foregone conclusion
    2) Get an inventory of terms uses within the context
    3) Re-define all terms with definitions designed to affirm the foregone conclusion

    This would make a great model of how to interpret scripture! :-]

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