1. Good one Christopher!

    Perhaps, the Holy Spirit doesn’t know the difference between the word “ALL” and the word “SOME”.

    Or perhaps he doesn’t know how to communicate with unambiguous language.

    Or perhaps he designed scripture as a secret coded language – requiring John Calvin’s Gnostic NeoPlatonist secret decoder-ring to decipher its hidden meaning. :-]

      1. yes – when Jesus is talking to Nicodemus
        Very truly I tell you, only some of you can see the kingdom of heaven
        Because the vast majority of the human race has been specifically designed for eternal torment in a lake of fire – fore his good pleasure

  2. Calvin’s god talks to a hippie

    Calvin’s god:
    I have determined that you – of you own free will – will volunteer to spend eternity in eternal torment in a lake of fire – for my good pleasure.

    Wow man – you got a groovy kind of love!

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