1. Wow, Chris you need to be careful, I am not sure that either your reputation or your liver will survive if you keep this shot game up based on Calvinist debate tactics. That said, I have been diving through your podcast archives and between this debate and one of the previous episodes you did analyzing James Whites’s take on O.T. (episode 190) I would like to suggest that when coming in contact with Calvinist it will help to clarify the distinction between “free will” and “freedom of action”. Listening to you and other guys like Will Duffy, it is clear to me that you guys get it. Most of the time, the Calvinists are conflating the two and with a guy like C.J. here, I think it can credibly be said that he does not see it. Also, I think it will help a lot with the audience to make that distinction well defined. At least in the end, who doesn’t want to see a Calvinist interlocutor squirm as his final avenue’s of retreat are cut off…..

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