Min 4:46 – Calvinist Steve Lawson
    “We’re dependent upon god to open people’s eyes and *ALLOW* them to see the truth.”

    Do we see the reference here to ALLOW?
    A conception – only logically coherent with the existence of “mere” permission.
    A conception that requires at least some minimal degree of mental autonomy.
    Both of which are totally rejected in the Calvinist’s systematic.

    Calvin’s god does not *ALLOW* people to do anything.
    Because “mere” permission logically entails Libertarian functionality
    Which – as Calvinist Paul Helm’s affirms: “Is ruled out by determinism”.

    So how can the Calvinist mind explicitly reject “mere” permission – predicated on Libertarian functionality – and then without blinking implicitly appeal to what he rejects.


    William Lane Craig
    “Universal Divine Causal Determinism (aka Calvinism) is an unlivable belief system”

    John Calvin
    “Go about your office AS-IF nothing is determined in any part”

    Ravi Zacharias
    “Here me carefully. If you are totally determined, then you are pre-wired, to think the way you do. Your nature is that you are hard-wired to come out to a single conclusion.
    What is input into the computer is what ultimately comes out.
    This is the bondage of total subjectivity.”

    Similar to Solipsism – Calvinism requires DOUBLE-THINK
    And the outward expression of DOUBLE-THINK is DOUBLE-SPEAK

  2. Zacharias among others don’t see the contradiction in the eternal now or exhaustive foreknowledge that they hold. Pre-determined and pre-known and pre-scripted have the same impact on alternative choices.

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