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  1. The heretic killer who by all rights should kill himself as a heretic

    The word “heretic” has its root in the Greek ᾑρέτισα which means to “choose for one’s self”. Thus a heretic is one who makes a choice which deviates from a standardized norm or practice, and such a choice causes divisions.

    The Roman Empire burned Christians alive, calling them “heretics” because they proclaimed Jesus “Lord”, – a deviation from the Roman Empire’s standardized norm in which only Caesar is “Lord”.

    With a telescope, the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus discovered the earth orbits around the sun – a deviation from the standardized doctrine set by the Holy Fathers (i.e. Theologians) of the Roman Catholic church. Copernicus withheld his discovery until after his death for fear of being burned alive as a heretic. And Sir Isaac Newton who designed the now famous Newtonian telescope, performed his experiments in secret for the same reason.

    But where in the New Testament, does Christ or the Apostolic ministry teach Christians to murder one another? The practice of doing so is itself a deviation from the standardized norm and practice set by Christ and the Church.

    Thus the professing Christian who holds to or practices this doctrine has made himself a heretic from Christ and the Church. Accordingly – the heretic killer is obligated to kill himself as a heretic.

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