Clement of Alexandria on Omniscience

For God knows all things— not those only which exist, but those also which shall be— and how each thing shall be. And foreseeing the particular movements, He surveys all things, and hears all things, seeing the soul naked within; and possesses from eternity the idea of each thing individually. And what applies to theatres, and to the parts of each object, in looking at, looking round, and taking in the whole in one view, applies also to God. For in one glance He views all things together, and each thing by itself; but not all things, by way of primary intent.
The Stromata (Book VI)

One comment

  1. This quote clearly shows that Greek philosophy was affecting the thinking of the church already in the 2nd C. Of course, he is considered the father of the allegorical approach having also been influenced Philo. the Jew who earlier mixed Greek philosophy with Jewish ideas and was big into allegorical interpretation.

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