Cook on the Bible as Literature

From Studying and Interpreting Biblical Narratives:

Bible as Literature
The Bible is supernatural and extraordinary. Its theological and poetic, it’s prophetic and it wisdom. Our approach here is also about a correct understanding of the Word of God not just as literature but also as revealed truth. As we explore the genres of the Bible it does not take long to run into the stories which are called Biblical narratives. Biblical narratives are historical writing. That is, it is concern with the characters and events that takes place. Because the Bible is revealed truth there is a fundamental presuppositions that we take to the text. That is the Bible is rooted in time and space history. Biblical narratives are not just fictional stories but actual history that took place and are to be interpreted as literally true in all its parts and details unless the genre changes within the narratives, i.e., within a story there a vision, or it specifically says otherwise. That being said let’s take a look at some basics presupposition about Biblical narratives. Biblical narratives are to be taken at face value as historical fact. Historical writing wants to tell us what happened. Historical facts are often places into an interpretive moral and spiritual framework. Historical writings is not deconstructism where one attempt to distort history, but it affirms the truth about what took place. When you read the Bible as literature you detract the authority of the Bible by bring down to the same level as other secular literature. This not the case because the major difference in the two is in Biblical literature God is the hero of all narrative in the Scriptures not man as in secular literature. However we should very intentional and not throw away exegetical soundness. Because it is too easy to take things out of it context and distort the Word of God. This not the case either because once your learn to identify the different type of literature that is used throughout the Scriptures will assist you extracting the true intended meaning of it. We do have to continuously practice exegetical soundness but we do not have to give up out literary awareness.

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