Romans 1:10 Commentary update

Part of the ongoing Verse Quick Reference project.

Rom 1:10 making request if, by some means, now at last I may find a way in the will of God to come to you.

In Romans 1:10, Paul exclaims to the Romans how fervently he wishes to come to Rome. He states that he prays to God to find out if that there is latitude in God’s will for a trip for him to Rome. This shows Paul’s conception of both God and the future. God’s plans are flexible. Paul believes his prayers can change God to effect a new plan. The future is not set and is open to possibilities. Lastly, Paul’s view of God’s will is that God’s will is general, without specifics being determined. In Paul’s view, God is living, dynamic, and is open to change based on the petitions of His people.


  1. This is one of the passages that impacted me years ago before I even knew specifically about open theism as a theology. It just seemed so obvious to me by the text that Paul believed that God’s will had flexibility and not only that, but that Paul writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit said this in his opening chapter of his thesis of salvation and theology epistle.

    As pointed out before, Paul obviously believed that prayer could seriously and potentially change future events and things weren’t “fixed”. Paul, just as the other biblical writers, believed that prayer could actually have an influence on God’s dealings and interactions with man pertaining to future events. Paul was not a fatalist/Calvinist of his day nor did he promote such a pagan theology.

  2. But this is much different on other translations… For example…

    Romans 1:10 (KJV): Making request, if by any means now at length I might have a prosperous journey by the will of God to come unto you.

    Romans 1:10 (WEB): Requesting, if by any means now at last I may be prospered by the will of God to come to you.

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