1. I don’t know what he said or did, but I would bet if this organization has strict “Reformed” (deterministic fatalist) theology, why don’t they just blame God since Calvinists claim boldly, “God does everything”…?

    Delusional, ya think?

  2. Sonny Hernandez of Reforming America Ministries is nothing more than a bully who attacks people all day long while whining and complaining about people attacking him. He thinks his ways are the only ways, and if you don’t see eye with him, you are not a Christian. Sonny is a true wolf. He projects his behaviors on others while hiding behind the Bible as a cover-up for his sinful life he refuses to repent from.

    I was privy to this incident between Sonny and Theodore. Sonny Hernandez shared with me that Theodore’s son didn’t not want to go to church. In response, Sonny determined Theo was no longer qualified to be in ministry. Like always, Sonny thinks he above everyone else and attacked Theo. He did the same thing with Justin Hoke (the person who co-signed this press release with Sonny).

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