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  1. Calvinists often remind me of the monkey with a death grip on a banana – which is inside a glass jar – which is glued to the floor. They’re stuck!!! :-]

    Dr. Steven Hassan informs us that people who embrace religious belief systems like Solipsism, the Moonies and David Koresh – often remain “stuck” in those belief systems for life.

    Just think – a Solipsist riding in a Taxi at high speed. He believes he is real, the car he’s in is real – and the other cars at high speed coming in his direction are real – but none of the drivers exist.

    Think of the incredible mental gymnastics the brain must perform in order to daily interact with people whom he believes are figments of his imagination.

    These same types of gymnastics occur in the Calvinists brain.

    He is taught to believe it is TRUE – that Calvin’s god “renders-certain” everything in every part.

    And at the same time he is to embrace this (In Calvin’s terminology “go about his office”) AS-IF what is TRUE is FALSE.

    The Calvinist brain is conditioned to survive in a world of self-contradictions.

    Its no wonder he’s “stuck”. :-]


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