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  1. I think he should have gone further into how prayer in Theological Determinism is a manifestation of double-mindedness. The classic Calvinist response as to why they pray is an appeal to the human psychology (they pray because they have a psychological need).

    The more rational Calvinists will say they pray because they have been determined to pray.
    But this leads to the question of why the THEOS would determine a person to ask him to change future events that are immutable AS-IF they can be changed – when the THEOS knows they can’t.

    Calvin’s god determines people to walk in accordance to mental FALSEHOODS.
    He leads Adam to believe he wills Adam’s obedience, when secretly he wills the opposite.

    Further – Calvin teaches that his god deceives even Calvinists
    He deceives them into believing they are saved
    -quote: “holding salvation out as a scepter of greater condemnation”
    and then eventually he will
    -quote “strike them with even greater blindness”.

    According to this teaching any Calvinist may not be elect!
    They simply assume they are – while at any moment they could be struck with greater blindness

    And if not elect – then not inspired by the Holy Spirit.
    If not inspired by the Holy Spirit – then unregenerate.
    And if unregenerate and uninspired- then certainly their doctrinal testimony is untrustworthy.

    And since they don’t really know their elect status
    And since they can only speak AS-IF they are elect.
    Then we have a scriptural right to deem their doctrinal message untrustworthy. -]


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