Middleton on Prayer

From Pentecost 19 – The Courage to Pray: Learning from the Boldness of Moses in Exodus 32:

Is God really open to hear about our needs? Wouldn’t that be trivial to God? Doesn’t he know anyway? After all, God is . . . omniscient—all knowing. And maybe . . . God is angry; and it’s difficult to speak to someone who is angry. Of course, these days we often think that anger is too . . . anthropomorphic—too human-like —to think of God that way. But if not angry, then maybe God is too . . . stern, too distant, too . . . transcendent. So much beyond us. How can he care about what we are doing? Often, our image of God, our feeling and sense about what God must be, impedes our prayer, renders us . . . speechless.

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