Apologetics Thursday – Atheist Defends Omniscience Against Vox

In response to Vox Day’s Open Theism, an atheist argues:

One major problem that Vox doesn’t mention, let alone try to address, is that the doctrine of God’s omniscience is a doctrine that derives from people’s need for a God Who knows what He is doing and Who is absolutely in control. A God that does not know everything is a God who is continually at risk (as we all are) of having His plans thrown off by unexpected developments. He’s a weaker God, a gambling God, a fallible God. He may be smart, but Satan’s supposed to be smart too, and if God loses both His omniscience and His omnipotence, He’s lost His advantage. He might not actually win.

This is interesting. It seems the atheist ignores Vox Day’s argument that God is not omniscience (in the classical sense) by appealing to the emotional benefits of believing in omniscience. The atheist is playing their cards and revealing that they have no counterargument. The atheist needs to have Christians believe in Classical Omniscience, or else the atheists loses their standard arguments. The atheists spends no time showing how the Bible supports Classical Omniscience. This shows the power of Open Theism in showing cracks in the atheistic worldview.

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