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  1. This is one of the aspects of Calvinism in which their double-think is terribly apparent.

    Calvin believes that everything is the inevitable, unavoidable byproduct of a deity’s will, settled in the remote past before we were born, by immutable decrees. Our future is closed. Our future is settled. What will be – will be, and there is nothing any man can do to modulate, control or alter any state of affairs in the universe at any time, whether internal or external to himself.

    Seeing that is the case, why can’t Calvin’s brain connect the very simple logical dots and deduce – that the state of affairs at any time (for example the Papists vaunting in their free-will) is the byproduct of the deity’s immutable decree. How is a Papists or any other man supposed to alter that which the God of the universe has “rendered certain”?.

    Why can’t Calvin’s brain connect these very simple dots of logic?
    Perhaps he knows, if he does, he will be pitting himself against the language of scripture.

    Elijah found the people of Israel in the same condition – halting between two opinions.

    I call this Calvin’s *AS-IF* thinking.
    The THEOS determines all things *AS-IF* he doesn’t.
    Double-think is required for the Calvinist to retain psychological sustainability.

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