1. I loved this!
    Let us notice that an inherent characteristic of Gnosticism is dualism.
    The very characteristic about Calvinism that makes it controversial in mainstream Christianity.

    Dualism in the form of “good-evil”, “right-wrong”, “light-dark”.
    Calvin’s god predestines some to the light and some to darkness.
    Calvin’s god is the heavenly potter who designs some as vessels of honor – some as vessels of wrath. The list goes on in Calvinism with many manifestations of dualism.
    He determines some to do evil and some to do good.

    Jesus never blurs the line of demarcation between good and evil when referencing the will or conduct of God. He never depicts God as predisposed to conduct that could be misconstrued as evil, in the ways that Calvin is forced to do.

    And so the system’s consistent blurring of Jesus’ line of demarcation between good and evil, has quite naturally been a perennial concern for mainstream Christianity.

    This blurring of the line of demarcation between good and evil is part and parcel of dualism.

    Calvinists might like to assert this element of the system makes it a more “fully orbed”, or more “nuanced” theology.

    While the mainstream Christian is concerned with its perception of God’s relationship to evil as ambiguous, or worse, contradicting Jesus for the sake of a “superior” theology.

  2. If I thought Calvinism was true I would have to believe that God is evil. Or that the word “evil” has no meaning.

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