1. Wonderful and very comprehensive!
    I appreciate especially the reference to Sebastian Castellio

    When you read the quotes from Servetus – one thing stands out glaringly to me.

    Michael Servetus had a mental acumen and genius obviously over and above that of John Calvin. Even I can see sophomoric fallacies in Calvin’s arguments.

    It has long been my conclusion that Calvin’s power in Geneva went his head.

    Bottom line – Calvin hated Servetus because Servetus’s genius made Calvin’s pale in comparison.

    Calvinists consistently show themselves to be serpentine in their attempts to paint a dishonest picture on this topic as well as others. Unfortunately, with their degree of consistent dishonesty, Calvinists have produced an ever growing reputation of being untrustworthy.

    And that is a sad testimony for a group of professing Christians.

    1. Servetus and Castellio seem to be above Calvin. Voltaire writes:

      “We can measure the virulence of this tyranny by the persecution to which Castellio was exposed at Calvin’s instance — although Castellio was a far greater scholar than Calvin, whose jealousy drove him out of Geneva.”

      The more we know about Calvin, the more we see he was a megalomaniac. He has all the classic signs of a cult leader, especially not tolerating dissent.

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