Calvin’s Companion Believed He Murdered Servetus

In 1554, an eminent and famous Christian scholar—Sebastien Castellio—set this spark of liberty aloft in his book entitled Concerning Heretics.3 Castellio was a one time Calvinist and companion of Calvin for many years. In this book, he explained his shock and dismay at Calvin’s role in Servetus’ execution.

Specifically, Castellio charged Calvin with “murder.” Castellio explained: “I am no defender of Servetus, but I shall so expose the false doctrines of Calvin that every one shall see as plain as noonday that he thirsted for blood.”4

Rives, Stanford. Did Calvin Murder Servetus? (Kindle Locations 247-252). . Kindle Edition.

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  1. Wonderful!
    This subject has recently come up again in my dialog circles.
    Thanks for the book reference.
    Interested readers may also wish to look at:
    Hunted Heretic: The Life and Death of Michael Servetus – Roland H. Bainton

    Any other authors on this subject would be appreciated.
    It appears those who lived in Calvin’s period who wrote biographies of the Tyrant of Geneva, did so either in Latin or French, and some of these I’ve not been able to find in English.

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