1. I am confused why “garbage” needed to be used in the title. This tends to be perceived as directly antagonistic and even reactionary. There may be some very solid reasons beyond this statement explained later, but I read this podcast title and feel reactionary emotion. The Open Theology framework is still in it’s infancy (albeit well-supported by many imminent scholars I would argue). But certainly Armenians, and many Wesleyans are not yet on-board with this new perspective of God and man.

    1. I admit the title is provocative, but the podcast is equal opportunity. It talks about a style of Systematic Theology that emphasizes verse prooftexting over a focus on narrative analysis. The reasons are explained in the podcast why it is an invalid Systematic, using a colorful example of a “Systematic Anthropology”.

      1. All that is fine, I guess I am just apprehensive about the superficial appearance it has. We quote that saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but often we do. I really want to see some Open Theism making headway, but it’s gotta be presented objectively, as a reasonable worldview of God, man, and scripture. I think this would be received better in a group of people that know your personality better…

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