1. Thank you Christopher for presenting this!!
    This is my first introduction to Kevin Thompson’s ministry.

    There are many things about this presentation that I find exciting. For far to long, Christians have been unfairly engaging with Calvinism, due its dishonest use of language, scripture, and logic.

    I consistently see Christians engaging with Calvinists under a false assumption of assumed honesty in dialog. Christians quite naturally want to assume honesty and integrity in others professing Christ – but this bias prevents them from an appropriate and needed discernment.

    I find it ironic that Atheists are not similarly disadvantaged, because they are not handicapped by philosophical juvenility, naiveté, and they do not have an emotional bias that prohibits them from discerning those forms of dishonesty they would otherwise discover within the strategies of their Calvinist counterparts.

    I believe a concentrated focus on Calvinist strategies will result in a significant step forward in the Church’s maturity – in its engagement with Calvinism.

    1. I have a podcast I’m planning on which I cover Colttaine’s Whataboutism video. I compare his frustrations with “Whataboutism” in the secular world with prooftexting in the Christian world. I think it is normal for people, Christian or secular, to think irrationally.

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