1. Nice Presentation Christopher – thank you.

    If I may, a few observations and a question.
    1) -quote “OT’s teaching is based upon illogical and philosophical assumptions imposed upon scripture”

    This is a trick in rhetoric known as “reverse attribution”. You point a finger at someone, and “attribute” to that person a specific aspect of weakness of your position, you want to conceal.

    2) I appreciate very much your understanding of how language can be manipulated – and specifically how the language of Calvinism is saturated with misleading talking points. Any hints or tips on Calvinist duplicitous language tricks is always of special interest. Christians need to be alerted to these to help prevent one from swallowing one of Calvin’s camels.

    3) The fact that Matt Slick is not acquainted with the Greek is normative for Calvinists – it follows the model of Augustine – who read a corrupted Latin text.

    The question concerns a quote from Plontinus “”This providence must reach to all details, its functioning must neglect no point”. Is this found in literature? I would appreciate any references to authors who focus on the influence of Plotinus in Augustine’s inventions.

    Sincere thanks!

    1. It is actually commonly known and accepted in scholarship that Platonism had heavy influence on the Christian Church, even before Augustine. Here are some resources.

      Augustine Conversions to Confessions – Fox
      (You have to listen to this podcast) My podcast reviewing this book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYXJwknJpuk

      Pagan and Christian in an Age of Anxiety – Dodds
      My podcast reviewing this book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yM4-AYqSOIs

      Here is the best straight biography of Augustine available:

      Search this site for Augustine to see him in his own words praise the Platonists:

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