Burchard on God Talk

From the God is Open Facebook Group:

An observation about “God talk.”

Much of it begins with intuitions about what a “perfect being” simply *must* be like (in order to be God), and then works out from there to try to find biblical support in this place or that.

Anyone who has done this, or has watched others do it, knows this fact — you soon run your shins into a bunch of texts that just don’t work with our “perfect being intuitions.” So what do we do? We invent words (anthropormorphism) or appeal to “mystery” and the limits of the human mind to perceive of what God is really like. Trouble is, the people doing that are also claiming that they know what God must be like in order to be God. It’s a conundrum.

The simple way forward is to read the Bible like you would read a fictional novel or the script to a play. Find the character playing “God” in the script and see how his character, attributes, and actions disclose what he is like. Let the script tell you about the character rather than bringing a “God must be like this!” rationale to the story, and hijacking the character.

The problem with much of our “God talk” with Calvinists and Classical Theists, etc. is that the Character, God, in the Bible, just won’t behave himself in the ways that “a true God who must be like this to be God” is supposed to behave. In this regard, we may be talking about some philosophically concocted being called “god” instead of Yahweh, the God of the Bible incarnated and revealed most fully and completely in Jesus.


    1. This was on the God is Open Facebook group. If you search the group for Burchard, this conversation up. He is also the host of the metastory podcast.

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