Duffy’s Categories of Open Theism Verses

From OpenTheism.org:

1 – God Wants His Prophecies of Judgment to Fail

2 – God Exists in Time through duration

3 – God has qualities that can only be had if He exists in time, like patience, slow to anger, and hope.

4 – God Acting In Sequence (showing He’s in time)

5 – Sequence Within the Godhead

6 – God Says Certain Things Happened that Never Entered His Mind

7 – God Indicates the Future is Uncertain (by saying perhaps, etc.)

8 – God Says He Changes His Mind (He says that He repents, not from sin of course, but from what He had intended)

9 – God Says Things Are Possible that’d be Impossible If the Future Were Settled or Decreed

10 – God Says He Will Do Something that He Never Does

11 – God Expects Something That Doesn’t Happen

12 – God Increases and Learns (for He must increase)

13 – God Shows Regret

14 – God Wants to See What Man Will Do Wants to Test Man / Didn’t Know What Men Would Do

15 – God Does Not Have All Present Knowledge

16 – God Intervenes to Prevent what would Otherwise Happen

17 – God Indicates Certain Prophecies Will Go Unfulfilled (God Says What Will Happen, But It Doesn’t Happen)

18 – God Gives Men Options and Recognizes that They Can Choose Among Them

19 – God Says He Does Not Know What Will Happen (similar to the perhaps category above)

20 – God Says He Will No Longer Do Something He Said He Would Do

21 – God Did Things Before the Creation, Showing Sequence (Before the Foundation of the World / Before He Allegedly Created time)

22 – Things That God Became (He was not always these things, so if He wants to He can become such)

23 – God’s People Believe God Can Change His Mind

24 – God’s People Believed They Can Change God’s Mind (including as Jesus teaches)

25 – God’s People Believe a Prophecy Does Not Have to Come To Pass and the Future is Not Settled

26 – The Bible Says Things Happen By Chance

27 – The Bible Describes Men as Sovereign, Omniscient, and Having Foreknowledge (so these don’t require a settled future)

28 – The Bible Shows that Time is in Heaven

29 – Prayer Can Change What Would Otherwise Be the Future

30 – The Bible Shows that Men Limit God

31 – The Bible Shows Certain Prophecies Will Not Be Fulfilled (unfulfilled prophecy)

32 – The Bible Shows Things Could Have Been Different

33 – God Says What He Wants to Do, But Can’t or Doesn’t Do [or fit under other categories]

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