Apologetics Thursday – Frame’s Subtle Admission

In an article on if God changes His mind, John Frame writes:

God’s omnipresence may be one key to the problem. He is omnipresent, not only in space (Jer. 23:24, Psm. 139), but also in time: as God with us, he is both here and now. He is transcendent, the Lord of space and time, and also immanent, the Lord present in space and time.

Note what is happening. John Frame is admitting more than he thinks. For his omnipresence in space claims, he has two references (debatable, but still references). For his “omnipresence in time” claim, Frame cites no sources. Frame is admitting he has zero evidence for this claim. Frame is admitting the Bible does not support this “omnipresent in time” claim.

One comment

  1. Looks like the “boethian solution” to me – coming in through a side door. Which has already been shown to fail under logical scrutiny. How people can make bold claims like “god is a square circle” without flinching is the real mystery! ;-)

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