Blogger Catagorizes Calvinists

Blogger categorizes Calvinists as:
1). Total hyper-Calvinism
2). Partial hyper-Calvinism:
3). Ultra-High Calvinism
4). Regular High Calvinism
5). Moderate Calvinism
6). Lower Moderate Calvinism (may pre-date the confessions)
7). Lower Calvinism
9). Amyraldism (4 point Calvinism)

A sample:

1). Total hyper-Calvinism:

Duty / faith
The well-meant offer
Common grace,
Any love for the reprobate by God
Promiscuous evangelism

Eternal Justification
Active Reprobation
That God works ends without means
That providence and moral responsibility are incompatible
Determinism (usually ending up in fatalism in practice)
Selective evangelism

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