1. Another open theism question for you. I just finished reading Michael Saia’s book Does God know the future, and in the chapter on prophecy in the section titled ” Prophecy and Free Will” he basically says that God overrides man’s free will in certain situations. He then goes on to list the examples on pages 139-142. My question is, all of the previous literature on open Theism that I have read, Sanders and Boyd, they speak heavily on influence, but not overriding free will. What is your take? I know there are many strands of open Theism, but which view is the most biblically sound in your opinion? I know God is all powerful. Look forward to your reply.

    1. Saia’s book is excellent. I agree with his view as I described in my unpublished book in the Dutch language on the hardening of the heart. Origen disagrees. His view on the hardening of pharaoh’s heart is also an interesting read.

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