1. Quick question,. Do you have any resources on open theism and Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53 as regards to the crucifixion? I have been challenged on how open Theism explains the remarkable detail with the crucifixion and Psalm 22. What are your thoughts?

    1. In the latest podcast we cover this a little. Psalms 22 is not a prophecy in how we think about prophecy. David is praying about his own situation and nothing suggests a prophecy. The new testament writers drew parallel’s to old testament events. This one fit, so they called on it to illustrate the principle of cyclical history.

      Also see the podcast on telic and ebatic prophecy. Some scholars cast doubt that Isaiah 55 is about Jesus. I think this is the one old testament references to a messianic figure like Jesus, but nothing in the chapter suggests to me fixed futures, especially considering the latitude prophecy has for fulfillment.

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