Piper Preaches on Christmas

Calvinist John Piper sounds like an Arminian/Open Theist while he preaches on the incarnation:


  1. Good Morning,
    Speaking of open theism, I had a question. The Platonic influence on theology is unmistakable and is disheartening. I was wondering, we as open theists speak of this influence when arguing for open theism, but some if not most abandon or don’t carry through that same influence when it comes to the punishment of the wicked or hell. As I have studied over the years, I am finding that there may be a lot of merit to the conditional immortality/ annihilation camp. Open theists speak of Platonic influence and conditional / annihilation speak of Platonic influence on hell. What is your take? It seems to me that if we are consistent in our argument, then an open theist / conditional immortality / annihilationist is acceptable. What are your thoughts?

    1. Absolutely, there are plenty of conditionalist Open Theists. It could be that immortality of the soul is derived from the Platonic idea that the soul is a reflection of the One, and thus is eternal and must remerge with the One. See the podcast on Origen. I’m sympathetic to the view.

  2. Every sermon a theistic determinist preaches assumes some level of a free-will framework. They do so in that they assume we can do something about what they’re saying. When Piper says that every dust particle is predestined by God, how does he expected his congregation to do anything about what he’s saying, including learn or be persuaded. Maybe they appeal to paradox. I don’t know. But it seems pointless, and I believe that’s why we see such apathy in the American church.

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