New Subsite Launched

The plan for GodisOpen has always been to collect a running list of common prooftexts and create an easily navigable reference site. That project will be collected in the new subsite Quick Verse Reference. This site will compile a quick reference list for common verses used by Open Theists and verses used against Open Theists. This site can be accessed via the Resources tab.

The plan is to gradually expand this list each week, ultimately becoming the best tool for new Open Theists to understand various verses throughout the Bible.


  1. Do you know of any resources that may help a new open theist interpret the book of Revelation? I have been trying to figure out how the open theist views Revelation. Is it Pretoria, Historicism, Futurist, or Idealist? Any help would be great. Thanks.

        1. I spoke to the author. He had a conversation with Pinnock in which Pinnock concluded he was an Open Theist, although Middleton is not looking for labels. I’d say he is just in the free will tradition. The Biblical Scholar tradition.

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