Oord Summarizes His Experience Being Ousted From Teaching Role

From Northwest Nazarene professor shares views on God, loses academic freedom:

10. Pain for all involved

Oord and his wife still feel the pain of the ordeal. He and others say he’s unlikely to ever be hired again by a Nazarene college, because any president who took him on could also face Oord’s critics.

“I have been ousted here for all intents and purposes,” says Oord, who may try to get on at a Methodist school.

The pain also extends to the campus and Idaho Nazarenes, says Borger.

“I feel badly that it happened as it happened and the way it was portrayed,” said Borger, the former Nazarene district superintendent. “I feel badly for Tom and his family. I feel badly for NNU. I feel badly for the Church of the Nazarene.”

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