Apologetics Thursday – CARM Refuted on Free Will

GodsoLoved offers up a refutation of CARM on Free Will:

William Hasker (an open theist) defines libertarianism as the following: “An agent is free with respect to a given action at a given time if at that time it is within the agent’s power to perform the action and also within the agent’s power to refrain from the action.” (Opennes of God, p.136-137)

In contrast, CARM says of libertarian free will: “This is the position that a person is equally able to make choices between options independent of pressures or constraints from external or internal causes. In other words, the person is able to equally choose between any set of options.”

As opposed to the first definition I quoted from CARM on libertarianism, this definition is utterly unacceptable. All libertarians believe that all actions were caused, by either an event-cause or an agent-cause. It either shows a lack of research done by CARM or a deliberate intention to mislead readers on libertarianism and set up a straw man.

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