1. I heard this argument on a podcast, except he said, “God didn’t repent; he was sorry he mademan.” You’re right exactly; how does that help, other than to soften it a bit. The question I wanted to ask is “when?” When was God sorry? When did he mourn? Before the foundations of the earth when he maticulously pre planned everything that was to happen and everyone that would ever be born?

    1. Knowing that something will happened and experiencing it is two different things in my opinion. Before creation God foresaw, then once it all began He experienced it.

      You can hear stories about how it hurts to break up with some one you love. But you will never understand unless you go through the same thing. Again, I limit God by saying what I say. It just another way to put God in a box. I think we need to understand that no theology can box God so that we can understand Him.

      Because He repents, yet He saves Noah and his family. How do you understand that, we live in a world of logic. God does not. Logic does not always work with God.

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