1. Awesome podcast. I’ve always thought the strongest argument against divine timelessness is the incoherence in thinking an atemporal being can “receive” or “respond” or do things “because” of what goes on in a temporal world. I do want to say something about Craig though. He does believe (even though he is a Molinist) in an A theory of time. That is, he believes temporal becoming is objective and real. Of course as you mention this is inconsistent with Molinism, which holds that future free actions somehow ALREADY have some sort of being which lets their truth value be known. But all the same, Craig does believe in presentism. He has said multiple times in print and on the air that his 13 year post-doctoral study was about God and time and drove him to believe in an A-theory of time (see his 4 part work Time and Eternity.) Thanks for the podcast!

    1. Thank you. I will look in his debates to see if anyone takes him to task. Often they just are not ready for his view and have not had time to scrutinize the claims. So they just drop their arguments.

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