Podcast EP115 – Pressing On Open Theism 2

In this episode we discuss a Calvinist podcast on Open Theism.

Clip resources:

Divine Impassibility


  1. Dude your blog is awesome. You may be interested in a post I just made about the eternal Now, foreknowledge, and causal loops/contradictions. One of the problems often raised by Calvinists/Eternalists about an open view of God has to do with God’s state of being “before” time/space or the big bang. Have you done any podcasts on this? I am somewhat drawn to William Lane Craig’s claim that before the big bang God existed timelessly (without change) in himself – for change simply means how one thing is related to another, and since “then” nothing existed but God, there could be no change in him. And that at the moment of his creating ex nihilo the big bang he entered into time – that is, he became related to other beings. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I will definitely read your post.

      It seems to me that presentism is the best theory of time found in the Bible. In presentism, all that is… is a ever-changing now. God is not simple, but complex. The dualistic Jewish Yahweh or the trinity defies simplicity. I don’t know how one can square Platonic simplicity with the God of the Bible.

      I am also not sure how time could “begin” if God is perfectly simple. The Platonists styled all of reality as a series of emanations from the perfect simplicity, but Christian Platonists want to hold that God created the world, which would be impossible if God was pure actuality.

      Here is a blog post of mine on Presentism:

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