Questions Answered – What about the views of the Reformation

From James Jones’ defense of his 1828 book “An Inquiry Into the Popular Notion of an Unoriginated, Infinite and Eternal Prescience: With a Preface Containing a Dialogue Between the Author and One of His Readers”:

R. But, Sir, let me ask you, Did not Luther and Melancthon, and all the Reformers, believe in this very doctrine of eternal prescience?

A. It is possible they might: but even in that case, it will only follow, that although they exposed and reformed many errors of the church of Rome, they did not reform all its erroneous doctrines. The very principle upon which the agents of the Reformation founded their innovations on the church of Rime, is that on which I am now proceeding; the right and competency of private judgment in the interpretation of the word of God. And as to unsettling people’s minds, there is no possibility of reclaiming people from error except by unsettling their opinions. But if, but unsettling of people’s opinions, we can only lead them to the knowledge of truth, and to the enjoyment of personal salvation, then the acquisition of personal piety, and correct views of religious truth, must certainly be regarded as an ample recompense for all the trouble occasioned to the thereby.

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