Answered Questions – Do I Believe God Does Not Know the Future

By Christopher Fisher

Asked on Facebook:

Do you believe God doesn’t know what’s going to happen?

I know what is going to happen. Tomorrow I will wake up at about 630, be to work by 7. I will call an event vendor. I will talk to my coworker about my day off.

So if I know the future, why would I think God does not know the future?

The future is not hard to know. But, you are probably talking about some sort of special knowledge that is not related to anything we are familiar with. No, I don’t have that knowledge and neither does God. God regrets His own action of making man (Gen 6:6). God regrets His own action of appointing Saul king (1Sa 15:35). God has the angels brainstorm ways to kill King Ahab (1Ki 22). Moses convinces God not to destroy Israel through reasoned arguments (Exo 32).

No, I am not a platonist who ascribes to God a knowledge of the future invented in the pages of Plotinus. I am a Biblicalist, who thinks that the Bible accurately describes God.

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