Jack Explains when to Accept Mystery and when to Question Mystery

From the GodisOpen Facebook page:

There are many things about God that are beyond our comprehension.

The fact that He is a triune God for one. I love how C. S. Lewis put it best. He said that trying to explain a trinity to us would be like going into a 2 dimensional world and trying to explain a 3 dimensional object. Like a cube, they cannot comprehend a cube but they can comprehend squares so we would try to explain how something can be six squares but only one cube.They would have some comprehension but could never fully grasp the meaning of a cube.

Or the fact that He has no beginning and no end. Everything that we have ever known has a beginning and can not last forever. So for us to even try to comprehend this idea of a being with no beginning and that will last forever is futile.

His love when you think about it is incomprehensible to some degree, that He would love a world so much that for the most part hates Him so.

I could go on and on describing things about God that are incomprehensible to us. But none of the things I described are completely irrational and absurd. They are all plausible, none of them prove themselves untrue within themselves.

God made us in His own image, and in His own likeness. In His image in that He created us in the form His Son would later take, in His likeness in that we were created as persons from a personal God. Some say that as mere humans we can never understand His personhood. That is not biblical because our personhood was created in that image. We CAN use ourselves as a reference when seeking to understand God. If we were created in His likeness IE we were created to be “like Him.” Then He is also very much like us! One thing can not be like another thing while at the same time that other thing is nothing like the one thing. That my friends is an absurdity!

When a theologian describes something that is incomprehensible to you ponder it. Seek out it’s meaning and search the scriptures to validate it’s truth. But when a theologian describes something about God that feels absolutely absurd to you question it! Object to it and demand explanations of absurd theories. It feels absurd to you for a reason. Reason is the reason LOL God created you to be reasonable because He is reasonable.

Many things about God are beyond all comprehension. Nothing about God is absurd.


  1. The most important thing I learned in college was from a philosophy class where we studied Immanuel Kant. We were taught that a person can only know that which he has experienced. For instance, one can never explain the color red to a person who has been totally blind from birth.

    1. That’s a very good point Randy! Exactly what I meant when explaining that we can never comprehend a Being with no beginning and no end. We’ve never seen anything like that in our experience. We’ve never seen that shade of red. :-)

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